Chamomile Grits with Blueberry Compote

Oh, wow! This sounds incredible!

Tea Foodie [#cookingwithtea]

I confess, I did some panic grocery buying when this pandemic first started. When the grocery isles were low on rice, beans, and pasta, I randomly stocked up on bags of grits hoping to stretch them out into many meals.

chamomile grits with blueberry compoteBeing full-time nomads with no home, Dan and I were camping in Arizona when things “went south” with the coronavirus. We weren’t sure what to do as we watched our year of travel plans disintegrate before our eyes. We ended up sheltering in place in two different Arizona campgrounds over two months before returning to family and friends in Colorado.

camper quarantine in arizona Camper quarantine in Arizona, where many meals of grits were consumed

One bonus of camper quarantine is you get good at making simple yet filling meals with few ingredients. Turns out grits are the perfect camping food. They cook up in minutes, they’re filling, and they can go either sweet…

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